99Starz 1st DAO voting concludes: Everything you need to know

3 min readJun 14, 2022

At the end of May, our team unveiled the 99Starz DAO voting platform. The launch of our new hub was an additional effort to give more power to our community members and focus on the core principles of Web 3.0 — freedom.

The launch of our DAO platform was paired with an equally important step in the 99Starz development process as the very 1st voting proposal was tied to the release of our upcoming P2E game using core game mechanics pioneered by Animoca Brands in F1 Delta Time.

99Starz token holders and community members were invited to participate in the DAO voting process and determine the name of our upcoming game. After two weeks of voting, the DAO proposal was closed and the name was chosen to be High Octane. Now that it’s all over, let’s explore the 99Starz DAO closer.

What is The 99Starz DAO?

The 99Starz DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization controlled by the 99Starz token holders, that allows people around the globe to decide the future of our ecosystem.

The DAO platform, powered by the STZ token, ensures every 99Starz token holder has a voice. This gives 99Starz token holders the ability to shape the future of the 99Starz ecosystem and get involved in the overall development and decision making processes.

On top of that, the rules controlling the DAO system are hardcoded into smart contracts. Eliminating any chance of manipulation and dodgy results during or after the DAO voting process.

Our First DAO voting process results

Over the past few weeks, our token holders participated in our first DAO with one shared goal. The goal was to decide ‘How Should The New P2E 99Starz Racing Game be Named?’.

The DAO voting started on May 26th at 3 PM UTC and lasted 14 consecutive days until June 9th at 3 PM UTC. During those fourteen days, everyone who held more than 100 STZ tokens had the opportunity to vote by connecting their wallet to the 99Starz DAO platform.

Voters were given the ability to pick one of the 5 following names: MetaRace, High Octane, Speed Arena, Racing Arena, and Tempo.

The most favorable pick for the new name of our new P2E game was High Octane’, holding more than 63% of the votes. It was followed by ‘MetaRace’ with just a little more than 16%, and in third place, we had ‘Racing Arena’ with 10.22% of the votes.

We want to thank all community members for participating in the DAO voting process and showing that you care about the future of our ecosystem.

In case you missed our first-ever DAO voting process, keep an eye on our social media channels and subscribe to the 99Starz newsletter, for future proposals and updates.

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