99Starz Guild Performance in February 2022

2 min readMar 17, 2022

It’s the first month of spring! And we’re going full speed ahead, doing what we do best — generating yield from P2E games. We’ve had a very exciting beginning of the year, especially with the debut of our new guild! Let’s see how well we did during the second month of 2022.

Guild Performance

Last month 99Starz Yield guilds earned a total of $33k worth of tokens as game prizes. And, $42k worth of tokens were earned through passive yields. The best-earning guilds this month were:

  • #1 Sorare
  • #2 REVV ecosystem games (F1 Delta Time and REVV Racing).

But those aren’t the only guilds that have been successfully working together to achieve the best results. Our newest one — the Thetan Arena guild, just had its debut in February and we can definitely claim that the start has been more than successful. Our game masters have already on boarded multiple community members into the guild and they’re eagerly scouring through new applications. We’re getting ready to scale the guild soon!

Lots of new players joined the guild and we’re working to implement our wallets into the game to raise the earnings.

While the performance of our guilds seems lower this month compared to December. One of the reasons is the overall decline in various token prices on the open markets.

99Starz players are giving it their best and placing high.

At the same time, we are focused on developing the 99Starz ecosystem so that more and bigger guilds could be formed — improving the performance even further.

In March, we will also be working on bringing 2 more games into the ecosystem for you all to enjoy. Also, the total value of our assets is growing — more details coming in the near future.

Gaming is the best enjoyed with a group. That is why our mission is to allow our STZ token holders to band together with other community members into guilds. Guild is the place where you can befriend other like-minded players, share your knowledge, utilize your skills and work together with your team towards dominating the playfield.

It’s also an efficient way to farm rewards — you do not only benefit from your individual performance but you also reap collective rewards.

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