STZ Token Vesting Unlocks — How to Claim Tokens as an Investor.

2 min readJun 14, 2022

Starting today investors can begin claiming STZ tokens daily using the investor dashboard that you can reach by following this link

You’ll be able to claim STZ tokens daily for 607 days — this adds up to around 5% of your total STZ per month. To make claiming as easy as possible, we’ve developed a dashboard for investors, where you’ll be able to track your STZ claimed as well as the amount you still have available to claim.

How to Claim STZ Tokens Using The Investor Dashboard?

Core investors that participated in Seed and Private sale rounds will have a small portion of their STZ tokens unlocked starting today. To start claiming

Step 1: Visit The Investor Dashboard and connect your Metamask wallet, please make sure to use the same wallet that you sent the transaction from during the sale. (Please install the extension if not installed already)

Step 2: Click on Claim STZ. Keep in mind, that your STZ tokens will be available to claim every 24hours. The total vesting period lasts for 607 days.

Step 3: Approve the transaction and STZ Tokens will be sent to your wallet. You’ll need to pay for gas fees to approve the transaction.

Step 4: If you don’t see STZ tokens, import them into Metamask using the contract address.

Contract address: 0x3f5294DF68F871241c4B18fcF78ebD8Ac18aB654

Token Decimal: 18

That’s it! You’ll be able to use the Investor Dashboard to check the information about your remaining STZ tokens and how many you’ve claimed already.